The Sim

Welcome to the Split World Tavern! Any character type is allowed here from any genre. We recommend importing characters from other sims so they can have a few drinks and talk trash about their writers. YES! Fourth wall breaks are highly recommended.

If, however, you want to test out a character idea, please feel free to do that as well. This is an interdimensional sandbox of sorts. Nothing you do here affects what you do on other sims, but what happens on other sims... That can be everything.

So welcome aboard! Pull up a stool and tell us a tale or explore the depths of the ship or use any of the simulation systems aboard.

The main "plotline" as it were, takes place aboard a Nebula class Star destroyer from the Star Wars universe that's been loaded up with tech from the Star Trek 2360s, but as a testbed of sorts, you may create any setting you wish and are able to bring characters in from any timeline and any universe.

This game is rated 18+ for adult audiences only.